Tuesday, June 15, 2010


One of my favorite words? Macabre. Isn't it just fantastic? Dark, eery. It looks just like it's meaning. Shudder inducing isn't it? I concur. I enjoy the macabre on occasion. Especially if the Captain of the Macabre ship is Mr. Stephen King (Can I just say that Macabre would be a super name for a yacht?). Some of you might find that odd. Little ole' Leigh? Yes. I don't take my vampires sparkling & full of angst. I take them deadly.

I haven't read one of his books since last summer (Duma Key) & to kick off my summer reading list I'll pick up Christine. I haven't read this one all the way through, yet. Want to know the best part? The heroine is named LEIGH. Want to know who was reading the book in 1984 & decided to pick that name in case her unborn baby was a girl? My mom. I may have brought that up before in this blog, but I wanted to point it out again since I'm reading the book. My namesake is a Stephen King character. I think that's fantastic on all levels.

Far off I can hear the nay-sayers. "How could you read King? He's demonic!" Quite the contrary. I find Stephen King to be quite Christian-esque. Especially in The Stand. Forget Left Behind. Read The Stand. I also found a lot of "comfort" in 'Salem's Lot when Cameron's family was going through a tragedy. In so many of his stories there is a choice to be made: right or wrong, good or evil, all about yourself or all about others. I even find the difference between religious and "spiritual" (for lack of a better term) a common literary thread in his books. Obviously Mr. King's view of the world and mine conflict at points, but I glean where I can and I find his books to be a fruitful place.

I'm off to read Christine. It's an original paper back copy from 1983. It smells fantastic, like an old book should. The book is even dedicated to George Romero. Summer reading. Macabre summer reading. Nothing better.

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