Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fight! Fight! Fight!

I got in an internet fight today.

Shame one me.

I'm not usually that person.
In the end I was told I was judgmental.  That it wasn't a Christian's job to tell another Christian when they're screwing up. Basically I was being judged by someone else who thought I was being judgmental. Does that make sense? Well, anyway I thought I would post my response to this person who told me that "it wasn't our job to tell people their sins, it was Christ's job." It is slightly edited to take out a few personal notes that wouldn't be appropriate on here.

I initially responded this post left about Constance McMillin (a lesbian student who was denied entry to her own prom with her girlfriend, she is now being honored at the White House):
she should stay at the wh with all the other freaks [sic]

Here's my response:

@Robin Really? That's what you have to say to someone who is probably very confused & very hurt? You are the person that gives the rest of us a bad name. I'm not quite sure where in the Bible it says to make fun of a teenager who is confused & hurting.. I just looked at your Facebook page to see if you were a young, naive person who was trying to be funny. You're not. You're an adult. You need to spiritually and emotionally grow up.
Don't be so horrible. See people the way Jesus would. Call them out on their sin, but love them.

Then someone else joined the conversation and decided to let me know that I was judgmental:
Sounds like a whole lot of judgement is being flung between those who are commenting and towards this girl. We are not called to judge. To simply be examples in the world and to have our actions speak as Christ does to our heart. People need to look at their logs before pointing out splinters. Myself included... PS it isn't our job to "call ppl out" on their sin. That's Christ's job. You wouldn't walk up to a random person in the store and "show them right vs wrong" so why do it when you have a screen to hide behind..

My response:

Here's the thing, we're told to call other Christians to the mat when they're doing something wrong. That's Biblical (1 Corinthians 4:14). There is a big difference between saying I was judging someone and knowing that I was admonishing (the origin of the word admonish is "to urge by warning") them.
I am not someone who comments on FB pages like this. I usually ignore them.  While I felt passionate about the subject, I did not write my comment with any malice or lack of knowledge about the log in my own eye. (I'm the first to realize my own state of sin nature and that I would not be who I am but by the Grace of God).
Perhaps I didn't use the right word, but we aren't suppose to just "be OK" with someone's sin. But we are suppose to love them and show them every compassion.  We shouldn't compromise on someone's sin.
I'm thinking of Jesus and the adulteress from John 8. Jesus gives us a great example of how to love a sinner being attacked by the religious. In verse 11, he doesn't condemn her, he forgives her, but he tells her to sin no more. That's what I was going for. Sorry if that got lost in my writing.
Phew. That's quite a bit out of me. Back to Mommy duties. ;)

I thought I did alright. I used the Bible, I was nice. I tried to give it a little levity at the end. A good message board troll I would not make.

I'm done. Done for the night.

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