Thursday, July 08, 2010


A few good scores this week while shopping:

At Vons on Saturday, I stocked up on meat. I got  $50 worth of meat for $17.21!!

I got 3 free boxes of Crystal Light at Target with my Vocal Point coupons. They were on price cut for $1.97, the coupons were $2/1

2 Gallons of milk at CVS using ECBs & Real California Milk Coupons for $1.48

Frozen Veggies at Henry's from Cascadian Farms for .50¢ each with coupons.

Healthy Choice Frozen Meals for .95¢ each at Target!

Armor All Tire Shine & Clean Wipes at Target for .49¢ each! They are normally $5.00 each.

Johnson's & Johnson's Baby oil for .33¢ at Target

I even hit up the Kmart doubler event at my local store. I'm not a big fan of Kmart, they seem to be rather mamby pamby with their coupon policies and their employees are not terribly informed about events and policies. I braved my store and walked out with free Advil PM, Gilette Body wash for .49¢ each and Secret Deodorant for .79¢. The cashier that helped me was very sweet, but knew nothing of the event until she talked to a manager. I can't say so much for the gathering of other employees at the customer service desk... I just can't stand professionalism. They were standing around chatting about personal things that weren't appropriate for work. I went online to fill out a survey from my receipt and let Kmart know, and their customer service actually called and apologized for the experience I had! That shocked me! I'm really glad they did, it gives me more confidence in the corporation.

Oh- tomorrow the kids and I are hitting up Chick-fil-A for their cow appreciation day. If you dress like a cow, you get a free meal! If you "accessorize" with cow items, you get a free entree. If you need a little help, they have a "cow kit" online for you to print out. Have fun!

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