Thursday, August 12, 2010


My lungs went all haywire on me and decided to get bronchitis. They are so on my list. Jerks. I went to urgent care on Tuesday and came out with prescriptions. Being the good coupon queen that I am, I actually used a coupon when I got my antibiotics & expectorant. FUN! I got a $25 CVS gift card with my new prescription. There's always a silver lining in coupon land.  While coughing my brains out, I was gloating in my savings. It all evens out.

(For the two prescriptions we paid $20.00, we got back $25. It was a $5.00 money maker if you look at it in coupon terms!)

My incredible husband held down the fort while I was confined to my quarters. I feel guilty when he does this because it is only on the rarest occasion that he gets sick. Oh, and when he's sick he doesn't let me take care of him. He'll be sick in bed one minute and then doing something crazy like mowing the lawn because it needs to be done. You can't hold that man down to save his life.

I found a website that I read most of while I was sick. Yes. You read that right. I was reading a website about celebrity deaths. Not just for the death information, but actually for the information about what these people were like in their real lives. Most of the dead are old time actors/actresses. Some of them have a very dramatic exit (Jayne Mansfield) & some don't (Bob Hope). If there was foul play involved, I love reading about forensics and police work. Don't judge me. Or do. Whatevs.

That is my little update on the past few days. To sum it up: lungs broken, coupons good, husband incredible, and dead people website.

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