Friday, August 20, 2010

A conversation between spouses. Part II

*Background: Our 5th anniversary is this October, so I jokingly sent Cameron a link to Fred Meyer Jewelers where we got our wedding rings from*

Just thinking.
yes you are
Me:I mean, I've managed to stay with you for five years.
well we'll see how it goes
Me:i'll get you one, too.
for your pinky

I've prayed for God to provide me with an awesome Pinky ring full of diamonds

Me: dear Lord Jesus, please bless this little pinky finger of mine with a plethora of beautiful diamonds to shine with your glory. AMEN.
Cameron: that was my exact prayer
just doing my "praying things into existence" time with God

Me: I love you for saying that.


Cameron Brewer said...

I did it! I made it onto your blog once again! I am famous!

Nichole said...

Haha, Cam! That's how I feel when I get mentioned in her a regular celebrity! :D