Thursday, August 19, 2010

Don't be like Lot.

That cat is mostly out of the bag. I mean, it's sort of lounging in it, cleaning it's paws, but everyone knows it's coming.

We're moving to LA. We've been called to minister to the city. It's a little bizarre. A family of four moving from the suburbs to the city, usually it's the other way around. We're downsizing & minimizing. Not exactly "moving on up". However, Cameron and I are both confident that we've been sent into the middle of a city that hugely influences the culture in the rest of the country to be a part of it and show it some love. We've found a fantastic church, Reality LA that LOVES JESUS so much. We were first invited to visit by two people at the Song of Solomon conference in February. They even enthusiastically said: "We even have a children's ministry! It's small, but we have one!" I owe these two volunteers a great deal with changing out lives.

I never thought that I would end up in a big city, they use to give me a huge sense of dread. Even New York City, for all of it's sights, gave me a sense of hopelessness. That would be precisely the reason our family is going to Los Angeles. Too many people are hopeless in the city. When we visit LA now I feel nothing but a peace and love for a town full of the homeless, Scientologist celebrities and people too wrapped up in themselves to care.

The other day Cameron shared with someone that we were going to move to the city. A Christian person. This person decided instead of encouraging Cameron that a slight warning veiled in Biblical imagery would be appropriate: "Just don't be like Lot and be LIKE the city." First of all, no one ever tells the missionary heading into the dark jungles of the Amazon this. When my friend Courtney told me her and her family were going to Peru as missionaries I didn't admonish her with a warning about being like the lost people of Peru. I cheered her on. Second of all, isn't a danger anywhere to turn into the people that you're trying to reach? For instance, if you minister in Orange County, please, for the love of God don't turn into them. They love money, self-importance and status just as much as an Angelino. Too many Christians are afraid of the city & of culture.

While I have no intention of turning into a pillar of salt, we are heading into the city to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Pray for us.


Molly said...

Awesome! I hope God uses you and the fam in awesome ways! How exciting! Prayers are with you!

Bonni said...

Bravo! May God grant you superbly wonderful success in everything you do there!

Courtney said...

I think that is awesome... not just cause when we fly down for our day trip to the chinese place we will have someone to pick us up from LAX, but because if God is calling you to this, He will give you everything you need to minister to the people of Lost Angeles.. yes i said it... lol I think its fantastic and I wish more people realized that people need to hear and feel and see that Jesus loves them.. Love through Action.. Bring it girl. :) Im happy for you all. Go Brewers...
I also wonder what would happen if more people would let go and let God take control of their lives... Instead we often sadly sit in our christian bubbles with our christian friends, meanwhile lost are dying. :) ok im done... love it.

Judi said...

I am proud to say that I know you my dear! You guys will definitely be in my prayers & I know that God will use you in a mighty way. Please let me know how I can be praying specifically.

Love you!

Miss Judi